Der Ballon / The Balloon – A German Case | Dir. Julian Klein & Caroline Labusch | 54.22 | GERMANY , Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (German)
A Parachute-like contraption consisting of transparent plastic sheeting becomes caught up in a tree in the Berlin district of Zehlendorf

Jeg tror / I Believe | Dir. Christian Eiming | 4.31 | DENMARK Soundplay (Danish)
“I believe” is a short piece, where a father is imagining, what he will do and say, if his son is dying and asking questions about his future (not-to-be) life at the same time. It is a piece full of hope, love and faith.

Man Parts: Dannevike’s Greatest Female Tenor | Dir. Duncan Smith | 49.32 | NEW ZEALAND New Zealand Radio Drama (English)
Erica Kingi-Little (pronounced king-ee) hails from the small rural centre of Dennevirke (a Viking themed town) in the North Island of New Zealand.

Making Ends Meet Part 1 | Dir. Amy Standish | 30.5 | UK Springline Radio Players (English) With more creditors than clients, the Fiona Buckingham Introduction Agency is struggling to make ends meet. Cheap do-it- yourself dating through newspaper Lonely Hearts columns has reduced the membership to almost single figures making it ever harder to match clients up.

Light In The Darkness Of Night| Dir. Iman Aoun | 37.37 | PALESTINE Ashtar Theatre (Arabic)
This piece presents the stories of three female political activists but presented as though they were one person as a reference to the fact that all political detainees face similar conditions in Israeli prisons. It starts with an arrest, then moves on to interrogation, imprisonment and court proceedings and ends with the reflections of some people on female activists.

Wings | Dir. Darlene Moheke & Adam Macaulay | 47.21 | NEW ZEALAND
Wings is a dark, sibling-relationship, road-trip play. A trio of sisters, separated for the past decade, take to the road together heading to their mother’s funeral – heading for home and for the source of their individual nightmares.

Problem (Vyskocit Kuza) / Problem (Jump Out Of Skin) Dir. Martina Schlegelova | 49.19 | CZECH
How long is 84 days? It depends on what you’re going through. Our almost-sixteen-year-old protagonist asks many basic questions about life and death.
12 Stones In The Water | Dir. Gorretti Slavin | 48.23 | Ireland
In this sensitive, elegant text, Karl O’Neill portrays the interior world of     Bellina Prior – a mind scape of witty refinement, affection, abuse, fantasy and dread. Each chapter in this tragic true story is a stone, like the 12 stones used to weigh a corpse in her favourite opera, Rigoletto.

Intervals | Dir. Darius Gilani | 6.23 | UK
Theatre ghosts use the intervals to share their attachments to the stage, in between the words of Shakespeare’s Richard III, Brutus (from Julius Caesar), Hamlet and Macbeth.


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