Fernando Krapp Mi Napsal Dopis / Fernando Krapp Wrote Me This Letter | Dir. Petr Mancal | 58.18 | CZECH
Fernando Krapp, a man of mysterious past and great fortune, has just recently moved into town.

Akivaras / Quamire | Dir. Julija Satkauskaite | 6.50 | LITHUANIA
Nothing is thicker than the viscosity of the mind, the idea that slips in and twists, bends back and dims the eye. Where does it come from- the idea that puts the eye in the mire? Who can help when you get bogged down? After all, is it all so serious?

Carmen | 54 | UK
Created as an interactive radio drama, this is one of five reimaginings of the Carmen story indifferent media, produced by The Works partnership

Duona/The Bread | Dir. Saulius Kovalskas | LITHUANIA Independent (Lithuanian)

Wolfgang Borchert’s short story is about a couple who has been married for 39 years. The woman wakes up at night by a noise in the kitchen. Her husband is not next to her and she gets up to investigate. When she comes into the kitchen and turns on the light, she sees her husband standing at the kitchen cabinet and recognizes the crumbs on the table, that he has cut off a slice of bread.

Chimera | Dir. Will Snyder | 38 | US
Captain Sheffield Nautilus XVI is a world renown explorer who has recently returned from the jungles of Zanzibar. However, did not return alone. With him, he brought a back a creature of mythological proportions: The Chimera! Part dragon, part lion, and part goat.


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