Fairies Only Wear Wings | Dir. Jason Gill | 60 | IRELAND (English)
On a bright summer’s day on a quiet lake in the Irish Midlands, a small boat is found drifting into shore. It contains the body of a 16 year old girl, Lizzie Lacey, clad in a white dress and bedecked with garlands of flowers.

ROTN (Right on the Night) Series 2 Ep 7 Embroidering The Truth  Dir. Adam Macaulay | 7.35 | NEW ZEALAND (English)
Time travelling reporter, Frida Moddapress reports in from the embroidery headquarters of the Bayeux Tapestry, Norman England, 1074 where a team of dedicated and skilled professionals are rushing to record one of the biggest stories of their time in long-form reportage.

Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln / Atlas of Remote Islands  Dir. Thom Luz | 53 | SWITZERLAND (German)
Based on his experience, Thom Luz arranged his production as a pure     audio piece – for all those for whom journeys of the mind are still the most obvious choice.

Live from Elsinore | Dir. Vit Vencl | 2.04 | CZECH
Live From Elsinore Is A short drama that interprets Hamlet’s story as a match commentated by the Czech Radio sport reporters.

Troil I Kressida | 60 | Russia/Ukraine Theatre Na Padoli  (Russian and Ukrainian)
Shakespeare’s story of the futility of war. In this production, intended to prompt reflection on the current Ukrainian conflict, the Trojans and Greeks are represented by the different languages. Intercut monologues are inspired by witness accounts of the experience of that conflict from both sides.

The First Schachtophonia: The Storks of Ludbreg | Dir. Tanja Vrvilo 30.27  |CROATIA
The Storks of Ludbreg is one of four theatre performance named “Schachtophonias” on political topics with a graphic score for sound instruments “Schachtophones” created by performance and visual artist Damir barstool Indos.

The Warriors | Dir. Leslie Barker | 59.06 | US (English)
When Mary Hollis Inboden was twelve years old, two boys her age brought guns to Westside Middle School and opened fire on their classmates. This real-life 1998 school shooting in Jonesboro, Arkansas forms the backdrop for The Warriors.

Rock Over Beethoven | Dir. Snežana Ristić & Radonja Leposavić | 1.25 SERBIA
Rock Over Beethoven refers to a number of important cultural and historical facts.

Under W@sser / Drowning(s) | Dir. Anouschka Trocker  | GERMANY Saarlaendischer Rundfunk (German)
Louis is 16 years old and dreams about being a hero. As a teacher forgets to log out from the internal school portal, Louis seizes this chance: under the pseudonym Narcissus he invites his fellow students to send their wishes, satisfaction guaranteed.

Pisica Verde / The Green Cat | Dir. Mihnea Chelaru | 33.40 | ROMANIA  (Romanian)
A story about young people and their experiences. A story that is a beginning for some of them and an end for others. Six teenagers caught in different moments.

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