Win Känguru Wie Du / The Kangaroo Like You | Dir. Steffen Moratz | 57.03 | GERMANY
Are you actually married? “No.” – Engaged? “No.” – So, you are single? “No.” The Trainer’s answers to the questions of panther and tiger allow only one conclusion: their trainer is gay.

Wooden Overcoats- The Bane of Rudyard| Dir. Andy Goddard and John Wakefield | 31.19| UK Wooden Overcoats productions (English)
On an overlooked Channel Island, an obstinate undertaker runs his family’s failing business with his twin sister and their assistant. When a new and charming undertaker sets up shop nearby, the family realise they will have to take immediate and drastic action…

The Wedding Tree | Dir. Gareth Stack | 42.40 | IRELAND
The Wedding Tree is an audacious new radio drama, set in the aftermath of an accident at an Irish nuclear power plant.

The Adventures of The Blue Carbuncle | Dir. Amy Standish | 39.15 | UK
Sherlock Holmes and the adventure of the Blue Carbuncle is a festive tale, providing an inside glimpse at Christmas in Baker Street.

Himna Ognju/Herakleitos/ Hymn to Fire/Heraclitus| Dir. Igor Lictus |7.00 | Slovenia Independent (Slovene)
This piece is built around Heraclitus’ thoughts on cosmology. It is dedicated to all refugees of our time

Beaux Jeunes Monstres / You Beautiful Monsters | Dir. Florent Barat & Sébastien Schmitz | 58.52 | BELGIUM
“Fine Young Monsters” is a tribute to the invisible. To give voice to those who do not have a place for those things not seen. It is the story of a revolt, a revolution itself. Of those that make the world turn. And sometimes turn it back. So that nothing is ever the same again.

ROTN (Right on the Night) Series 2 Ep 4 Peddling to the Meddling     Dir. Adam Macaulay | 7.35 | NEW ZEALAND
Time travelling reporter, Anna Bolix, travels back to the original Olympic Games to check out the performance enhancing ‘assistance’ issue. She     interviews members of the public, the games organisers and athletes, including Milo of Sparta.

Teen Dante | My words would surely kindle love in all mankind Dir. Mariella Zanetti | 55.22 | SWITZERLAND SGR SSR Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (Italian)
Teen Dante is the unauthorized biography of the young Dante Alighieri focusing on his humanity and presented as a musical.

The 56 | Dir. Toby Swift | 44 | UK
A verbatim play created by Matt Woodhead and Gemma Wilson.
Silence | Dir. Jeffrey Adams | 21.40 | US
“The Silence” began as an experimental idea I had while performing a live show in a public park in International Falls, Minnesota.


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