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And here is the detailed programme for Forms of Things Unknown 

All listening sessions are free to attend – and we welcome anyone to come for a short or long time. No need to book, just turn up at one of the venues – and we normally offer a cup of tea and a cake too. English language scripts are available for all plays. We find that people get the hang of listening in one language and following in English quite quickly – its very much like subtitles.

You are also very welcome to join the discussion – normally in a local pub for about an hour – at the end of the day; this is an opportunity for the jury to reflect on the day’s offerings. If you can attend all the listening sessions, you might like to think about putting yourself forward for the jury too. They make the final decisions on the main awards. We select the jury on the first day.

Pettman House – our primary base

pettman house

Beach Creative  – accessible listening venue