Festival 2021

The 2021 UK International Audio Drama Festival took place from 22- 26 March. We were delighted to receive over 100 submissions from 21 countries in 15 languages. This year’s festival was entirely online.

The standard of entries was very high. The jury made awards as follows

Full length

  1. Cerna Voda Czech Radio
  2. Helena, Elena Zeiser
  3. The Other Half, Radio Romania

Short form

  1. 3 minutes of silence, Wederik de Backer
  2. Everyone Everywhere, Collectif Wow
  3.  Dans La Tenaille, Collectif Wow

The ALCS Audience awards went to

1st place: A Haunting beyond the Lake - Richard Brooks (UK)

2nd place: Human Things - Grażyna Lutosławska (Poland)

3rd place: Hunting Season - Georgian public radio (Georgia)

Honourable mentions: Notes from JJ - Georgian Public Radio/ Fenland Symphony - Chris Bradbury/ Alvorada - Matheus Moraes

And the award for the best 20 second dramas went to

1st place: Lady Macbeth - Festival consortium

2nd place: Spider - Pippa Brenchley

3rd place: Maths Problem - Darrick Wood School

4th place: List of Things - Festival consortium





We were delighted that the Authors Licensing and Collection Society sponsored this year’s audience award.

The ALCS  is a not-for-profit organisation started by writers for the benefit of all types of writers. Owned by its members, ALCS collects money due for secondary uses of writers’ work. It is designed to support authors and their creativity, ensure they receive fair payment and see their rights are respected. It promotes and teaches the principles of copyright and campaigns for a fair deal. It represents over 110,000 members, and since 1977 has paid over £500 million to writers (alcs.co.uk).

For more information  :   partners &  sponsors



UK International Audio Drama Festival 2021

22 – 26 March 2021

Session Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
See separate document for explanation of this creative process
Launch of festival
Open space session 1 – Launch of collaborative process creating 20 second audio dramas
Creative session 2
Confirmation of collaborative teams and start of process.
Creative session 3
Writing / dramaturgy of individual dramas. Recording of dramas with UK remotely based actors or others.
Creative session 4
Recording of individual dramas with UK remotely based actors or others.
Creative session 5
Edit and dissemination / broadcast.
Lunchtime Speaker/discussion session 1 Speaker/discussion session 3 Listening session 5
Afternoon Listening session 1 Listening session 2 Listening session 3 Listening session 4 Jury session 5
Evening Jury session 1 Jury session 2 Jury session 3 Jury session 4 Jury closed session and voting
Speaker/discussion session 2 Award ceremony Award for full length, short form and micro drama Launch of audience award
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