Festival 2021

Covid 19 continues to create enormous restrictions on the festival world – on travel, on meeting, on creative expression . But creatives around the world know that Audio Drama is special. It crosses continents and arrives in your home in the comfort of your arm chair. Shut your eyes and it will take you to unimagined places. And we have all been learning to make extraordinary audio art in the most challenging of studio situations. Audio Drama defies the pandemic. And so shall we.

This year’s virtual festival 22 – 26 March 2021 will combine collaborative creative sessions with real time and on demand listening and real time collective jury discussions.

We have received a record number of submissions and are now undertaking the pre selection process.

Registration will open here soon for creative collaboration sessions. We will be inviting artists, producers and creatives to work together to make 20 new second audio dramas.

Registration will also open for the real time listening sessions and the post listening discussion sessions.

We also expect to host some complementary events, looking at issues such as audience development and promoting diversity.

UK International Audio Drama Festival 2021

22 – 26 March 2021

Session Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
See separate document for explanation of this creative process
Launch of festival
Open space session 1 – Launch of collaborative process creating 20 second audio dramas
Creative session 2
Confirmation of collaborative teams and start of process.
Creative session 3
Writing / dramaturgy of individual dramas. Recording of dramas with UK remotely based actors or others.
Creative session 4
Recording of individual dramas with UK remotely based actors or others.
Creative session 5
Edit and dissemination / broadcast.
Lunchtime Speaker/discussion session 1 Speaker/discussion session 3 Listening session 5
Afternoon Listening session 1 Listening session 2 Listening session 3 Listening session 4 Jury session 5
Evening Jury session 1 Jury session 2 Jury session 3 Jury session 4 Jury closed session and voting
Speaker/discussion session 2 Award ceremony Award for full length, short form and micro drama Launch of audience award

Participation requires registration which is free. Go to the website (www.radiodramafestival.org.uk) for the Eventbrite link.

On demand listening is freely available via the website from the start of the festival for one month.

UK International Audio Drama Festival 2021 schedule

We are delighted to be launching the first micro drama award for a collaborative 20 second drama made during the course of the festival; please see here for more details

Audio Drama to wash your hands to

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