Register 2020

Registration is now closed for the 2020 festival

The UK International Radio Drama Festival is organised by International Arts Partnership. In 2020 we will be celebrating the 6th edition of the festival which remains FREE  for submissions for all broadcasting organisations and independent producers of broadcast audio drama. 

When and Where
The Festival will take place in Canterbury, Kent from 23 – 27 March 2020.
The venue this year is Eastbridge Hospital (www.eastbridgehospital.org.uk).
For more information on how to attend the festival, please see here.

Deadline for submissions
Please complete the online registration form by 19 January 2020. Before you do, read carefully all the regulations, and email [email protected] if you have questions.
The pre selection will be completed at the beginning of February 2020.


  • Feature Length Drama, maximum 60 minutes. 
  • Short Form Drama, maximum 7 minutes.  

Each Entrant Can Submit: 

  • A maximum of TWO WORKS in the Feature Length category with a combined length of up to 120 minutes and a maximum individual length of 60 minutes.  
  • A maximum of THREE WORKS in the Short Form Category with a combined length of up to 21 minutes and a maximum individual length of 7 minutes.

What we’re looking for
We ask you to submit what you consider to be your very best radio drama(s) of the year. That is all!

Entry Criteria 
We welcome all genres and themes but the final decision of whether a submission will be included in the festival is the sole decision of the festival organisers. 

  • Radio Dramas that have already been submitted to other Radio Festivals are welcome. 
  • Radio Dramas from any country and in any language can be submitted. We just require a full transcript in English.
  • ONLY ENTRIES that were first broadcast (or uploaded online) between January 1st 2018 and the final deadline for 2020 can be considered.
  • Entrants agree that their dramas should be made available within the region of  Kent by broadcast on a limited licence radio station or community radio station. They also agree that their dramas should be made available via the internet or by download to the extra-mural festival audience for the duration of the festival; to be entered into the audience award, they will need to agree that the drama remains online until 30 April; and  for longer with their consent.  
  • In recognition of the commitment offered, if the producer or other representative is travelling to the festival and serving on the jury, we guarantee to include at least one of that organisation’s submitted works. 

Rules and Requirements 

  • The official language of the Festival is English.  
  • Participants are respectfully asked to use English in any and all communication with the festival.  
  • Given the success of our pilot last year for a paper free festival, we confirm that we DO NOT require printed copies of the script. All English texts will be available for people to read on Kindles provided for the duration of the festival. (Last year participants kindly helped us to purchase some of these Kindles – thank you!) 
  • The entrant agrees that the organisers of the Festival may use up to FIVE MINUTES of their programme for the purpose of promoting the Festival in advance of the event.  This includes online dissemination and promotion. 

All work included in the programme will be judged by a Jury which is made up as follows:  

  • The Jury is made up from Festival participants, either by self-selection or invitation.  
  • Where appropriate the organisers reserve the right to impose a limit of ONE VOTING delegate per production company and TWO VOTING delegates per country.  
  • Up to TWO Jury Chairs will be appointed by the festival organisers.  
  • The composition and the work of the Jury are regulated by a set of rules. However, there is no limit to the number of observers who may take part. 
  • Observers are welcome and encouraged to take part in the discussion but do not have the right to vote.  
  • The organisers reserve the right to supplement the Jury at the outset of the Festival if necessary. 
  • No individual may be a jury member for more than three consecutive years, other than when that juror is or has been a chair of the jury, when the member may be a juror for a further three years. 

The submissions declared best by the Jury will be given the following: 

  • First Place Full Length Drama: a prize of £2000 (GBP), an award and certificate. 
  • Second & Third Place Full Length Drama, an award and certificate. 
  • First Place Short Length Drama: a prize of £750 (TBC), an award and certificate.
  • Second & Third Place, an award and certificate. 
  • The Public Award prize £750 (TBC) for favourite show voted online by the listeners. The public award opens at the end of the Festival on the website where all the radio dramas will be available to listen to. Voting continues until 30 April. 
  • New Award - First Time Producer: we hope to be able to offer an award for the best work from a first time producer. This award will take the form of a bursary towards a new piece of work. Further details will follow. Please indicate on the application form if you believe you would be eligible for this award. 

The UK International Radio Drama Festival will pay the all prize money in each of the categories to the authors of the winning entries or to their elected representatives. 

Submission Process
We have a new online registration system this year!

By clicking on the button below, you will be taken to an online form. You will be asked to complete it with information about yourself and the work you’re submitting. Please note you can only submit one work at a time.

What you will need:

  • All the information about your radio drama (title, country, language, length, date of broadcast etc..)
  • A short paragraph in English to describe what the radio drama is about
  • A WeTransfer link to download:
    • an audio file of the full recording with NO ADVERTISEMENTS (possibly in .mp3 format)
    • A FULL transcript of your Radio Drama in English (possibly as a Word document)
    • Optional: you are welcome to send the transcript in the original language as well, and any photos or illustrations related to your work.

Please note that if you don’t have the link to WeTransfer ready when you’re doing the form, you can still complete the form and then send the link via email to [email protected] - don’t hesitate to email us for any doubts or problems with the form!

Visit the Festival
We strongly encourage all those who make it through the submission process and become part of the 6th UK International Radio Drama Festival in Canterbury to come and attend the festival

The festival is unique in that actively invites a general audience to join the collective listening sessions - attendance offers an unrivalled  opportunity to network with other producers and serious audience members alike. We also aim to include an associated programme of events including talks given by notable critics and journalists.  

Canterbury is a historic city in Kent. The city itself is a UNESCO world heritage site and its cathedral is famous as a pilgrimage destination; for its medieval architecture and as the site of the murder of Thomas A Becket. The city is pedestrian friendly and intimate but offers a wide range of interesting sites and medieval buildings. There is easy access by train to London. 

We recognize the difficulties around organizing travel at short notice and so in recognition of the commitment offered, where the producer or other representative is travelling to the festival and serving on the jury, we undertake to include at least one of their submissions in the programme. 

We look forward to receiving your entries and to welcoming you to the Festival
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