Festival 2022

We are delighted to announce the outcome of the jury awards
Full length

3rd Tu seras un homme papa
Joint 2nd Dans La boue et L'acier/ Mondi Possibili
FIRST let me tell you

Short form
3rd The Dictator's Portrait
2nd Viscious Dishes

The first ever Deacon award for a young producer went to Hannah Tookey (This little Rock) for Two by Two.

The citations are here

citations 2022

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Audience Award 2022

First place; Do we need Shakespeare or Not? (Georgian Public Radio)

Second place; The Smell of Naptha (Christina Marras)

Equal Third; Safari (Ryan Walker - Edwards) and Shadows (Xenia Pattenburg)

Congratulations to all of them and thank you to eveeyone who voted.



For another opportunity to hear our live audio production which came from Kiev and Warsaw of The Time Traveller's Guide to Donbass, here is the script in English
Time Traveller's Guide to Donbass
And here is the audio recording
Time traveller's guide to Donbass



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