Radio Drama Festival

About 2023

A taster of the festival:


We also enjoyed two additional events. 

On Tuesday 28 March at 6.30 we had an online session with established audio drama writers discussing their craft.  Ming Ho, Dan Rebellato, Ken Bentley, Nicola Baldwin  talked about story telling and the impact of cultural traditions on their craft.

Here is the recording of that session

And on Wednesday 29 March at 18.30 we joined  Sue Teddern at Canterbury Waterstones. 

Sue Teddern

Novelist Sue Teddern is interviewed about her extraordinary journey as a writer, from radio – THE ARCHERS and WESTWAY – to hugely popular sitcom BIRDS OF A FEATHER to her latest success as as a Novelist with ANNIE STANLEY ALL AT SEA (2021) and THE PRE-LOVED CLUB (2022)

…being at the festival is like travelling elsewhere without having to undergo the hassle of airport security

Kate Chisholm

March 2019

The Speak Softly Shop

 A season of newly made shortform dramas from around the world. Created as a response to the pandemic, they are a powerful reminder of the versatility of audio drama as an art form. Covid 19 made us postpone the 2020 festival but it brought this extraordinary cycle of work.