Covid Island Dramas

A Lockdown memory to keep forever
Welcome to Covid Island Dramas – a variation on a wellknown Over the weeks we will be asking guests to tell us which eight audio dramas they would take away with them whilst isolating on their own “Covid Island”. And in time honoured tradition they can also take a couple of other things – a single piece of music and their most cherished moment of the Covid-19 lock-down.

Added 16 February 2021

Jonathan Keeble – performing in over 800 Radio Dramas, 700 Audio Books and the voice of Fable’s Jack of Blades

Added 3 December 2020

Jack Klaff – playwright, actor and author of Bluff Your Way In The Quantum Universe

Added 27 June 2020

Nigel Deacon - Nigel holds the world’s largest private collection of Audio Dramas