Radio Drama Festival

The Speak Softly Shop

Tales of Covid from around the world
The Speak Softly Shop is an international cycle of new short-form work inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic. We asked contributors to make a piece under 7 minutes which was in some sense a snap-shot response to their country’s experience. As much as nation to nation, they are a quiet word; person to person. Some came in over 7 minutes; but these recordings have all been about rule-breaking. Each has been made during the pandemic and under unusual secret recording conditions. They reflect the versatility and determination of producers and their teams who have had to work creatively and nimbly. We will be adding to the season as we go so come back often.

Added 3 December 2020


Added 4 August 2020


Added 20 July 2020

Produced by Soundplay, Denmark

Added 22 May 2020

Produced by Dark Duck Studio, Sweden

Added 21 May 2020

Produced by International Arts Partnership, UK

Added 20 May 2020

Produced by Escuela de Radio TEA FM Spain.

Added 20 May 2020

Produced by Radio Berlin Brandenburg, Bavarian Radio 2 and Deutschlandfunk Kultur 2020, Germany

Added 19 May 2020

Produced by Le Collectif Wow, Belgium

Added 19 May 2020

Produced by Istituto Barlumen Italy.

Added 19 May 2020

Produced by Georgia Public Radio

Added 19 May 2020