Radio Drama Festival

Festival 2024:
The Accomplishment of Many Years

We are celebrating 10 years of the UK International Audio Drama Festival this year.

The Festival takes place from 25 – 29 March 2024 and we look forward to welcoming producers and audience alike for an exciting and stimulating week of listening and discussion.

The co-chairs of the jury will be Marta Rebzda and Vesna Topalov.

Information and FAQs can be accessed here: Info and FAQs. 

2024 Awards… 

Full Length: 

1st – Populist Radio (Stefano Giannotti, Deutschlandfunk Culture) 
2nd – The Sister of Job (Marta Rebzda, Polish Radio Theatre) 
3rd – Dear Alter Ego (Ulrike Haage, Bavarian Broadcast) 
Short form: 
Equal 1st – 
To the Battle (Oana Cristae Grigorescu, Radio Romania) 
The Line (Raluca Grumǎzescu, Portable Theatre Timisoara 
2nd – Faxes in the Storm (Emily White/ Synchromesh) 
3rd – Arthur and Close (Resource Artist) 
Deacon Young Producers Award: 
Faxes in the Storm (Emily White, Synchromesh) 

Audience Award: 

1st – As a Sign of Love (Georgian Public Radio) 

2nd – The Mother (Jenny Gherpelli and Simona Generali) 

3rd – Batavia (Het Geluidshuis) 

On-demand listening: 

Here you can find google drive links to what we have listened to each day as well as the English scripts from the radio drama festival so that you can catch up in the evenings with anything you’ve missed! 

These will be updated daily. 

Download the 2024 festival programme below: