Radio Drama Festival

Our Co-Chair Brian announces the winners in the Audience Award

Thanks to everyone for voting and Congratulations to the winners!

Here are the citations – the collated views of the voters:

First Prize

Wederik de Backer (Belgium) – for Almanak

From the anecdotes of inhabitants of the Brugse Poort district in Ghent – a line of stories, some very earthy, some nightmarish, and some absurd, into which the listener is drawn, as if eavesdropping

“ Went to a live listening of this play, it was stunning ”

“ Almanak has an entertaining weirdness that makes it different from anything that I’ve heard. Kudos to Wederik De Backer ”

“ I just loved the idea behind the piece ! “

“ Almanak is also a great radio drama ! “

“ I vote for Almanak because of it’s natural ! “

“ *read this like Trump ‘All great, so great, yes, really great’ “

Second Prize

RTÉ (Ireland) – for Surviving Ireland

Devised, written and produced by Aidan O’Donovan & Colm Tobin, who also both perform in it, a very clever, witty mockumentary about a retreat to detox from the use of smartphones

“ Surviving Ireland is a great listen “

“ funny guy, funny book, great show “

“ Loved this. Stumbled across it when it was on and it had me hooked. Would happily listen all over again “

“ Brilliantly wrote words in proper order and very funny “

Third Prize

RTÉ (Ireland) – for From Eden

A traumatised young man and woman meet when each comes to hole up in an unused bathroom above a party: first joshing, then gradually revealing their highly personal, painful stories – outstanding writing by Stephen Jones

“ .. a beautifully poignant look at real human experience and interaction “

“ Brilliant writing Very moving. I laughed out loud and cried “

“ Superb play, performed beautifully by 2 wonderful Irish actors “

“ .. a play you could go to a number of times and still find something new “

“ .. a beautifully written play, funny, sad, thought provoking, thoroughly enjoyed it “