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Jonathan Keeble to chair 2019 jury

Radio Drama Festival goes green

Welcome to the 2019 UK International Radio Drama Festival which will take place in Kent from
18 – 22 March 2019.

The festival takes as its theme “Simply the best” and welcomes submissions in any language and any genre.

There are prizes in three categories
a) Long form – prize of £2000 (Jury award)
b) short form – prize of £750 (jury award) tbc
c) Audience award – vote for by listeners online and in person – £750 tbc

We warmly welcome entrants to come with their work to the festival and to join the festival jury.


7 Replies to “Festival 2019”

  1. I really enjoyed the festival when I came to the Vintage empire tea room on Thursday afternoon. It was lovely to see something like this in Herne Bay right on my doorstep, it’s great for Herne Bay and I hope you return again next year. I popped into Beach creative and they said it was a success, so fingers crossed, congratulations!

    I wish I could have seen more, but unfortunately I could not make it to some of the other radio dramas that I wanted to see.
    Is there any way I could get hold of some of the scripts or listen online? I was especially interested in Hilda,Big Broadcast; Snow, Mari and Ober em Tal.


    P.s I would also like to know if there are any similar events you are planning in the future

  2. At heart, this avant-garde adaption of ‘Film is Evil, Radio is Good’ is a trial between radio and film. It sparks questions in the listeners mind : can/should we really condemn film for what is potentially a liberalising measure – or is that just reactionary? It draws upon some of the most significant ‘ways of knowing’ – belittling film as merely an appeal to authority. In contrast, radio is shown as a reasoned expression of creativity, holding the ability to permit the audience to be led both by emotion and intuition. So to say: when you watch a film, the video gives you your narrative. Of course when it comes to radio drama, with no video, it is up to you – as the listener – to pave a chronology. And that, at its essence, is what this radio drama achieves to depict. Right from the outset the audience is challenged to work out where the programme is going. The combination of this uncertainty or desire to suss the programme, and its quasi-mythological, surreal feel succeeds in exciting any inquisitive audience. In this way it is actually incredibly accessible to all ages. As a result, it is an eminently powerful piece of work. It represents the everlasting importance of the radio drama as a medium of art, for the twenty-first century market.

  3. Climbed the mountainous stairs to enter an harmonious world of language, sounds, atmosphere and mystery. I discovered your unique festival .Thank you.

  4. Twenty word reviews:

    ARS Paradoxica:

    A compelling murder mystery with a wartime spy thriller thrown into the mix; this twisty, time-jumping sci-fi mind bender entertains.

    Over the Rainbow:

    This drama creates an intriguing depiction of totalitarianism through an aural landscape of street noises and historic, political sound bites.

    Percy Archibald Living Monument:

    This dryly amusing comedy fully utilises the irony of its title by depicting the lamentations of a deceased misanthropic actor.

    Cuttin’ It:

    A haunting portrayal of the trauma which faces two Somalian children as they navigate their way through urban England.

    The Life and Times of Arthur Miller:

    This beautifully told biography approaches its subject philosophically; giving a compelling narrative to Miller’s anxieties and memories.

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